Convergence of IT equipment, software, hardware, and other assets is the preferred solution for some of the most successful companies in the world.


HyperConverged infrastructure is the latest trend for businesses that want to get the most out of their IT solutions. With hyperconverged infrastructure, servers, storage and network are united together to form a scalable, more flexible data infrastructure. In a converged solution, network, storage and computing power are combined within a single IT solution to allow businesses to have more flexibility and act with more agility in the best interest of their business.
Convergence brings the benefits of independent resources together for streamlined integration and management. With Hyperconverged architecture the servers, storage and network, are converged resulting in a system that can aggregate not only the components, but it can also aggregate performance as well.
In a typical business IT environment, server, storage and networking exist separate from one another and create natural inefficiencies. In a hyperconverged environment, all of the elements of your business’ IT solutions are combined to create a more efficient system. The incentive of a hyperconverged network is a more empowered workforce and, increased ability to remain competitive in an ever-evolving economic environment.
Within a hyperconverged, networking, data storage are managed by advanced software that is hosted on standard servers. Hyperconverged strategy allows the sharing of computing power, data storage space, and network resources. Additionally, hyperconverged networks are more secure.

HyperConvergence is a new way to deliver converged infrastructure. Networking together multiple servers that consolidate storage results in lower CAPEX as a result of lower upfront prices for infrastructure and lower OPEX through reductions in operational expenses. On the technical side, the simplified configuration requires fewer administrators to support hyperconverged infrastructure.


Recent industry trends that have changed the enterprise data center.
Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) has enabled a true virtual infrastructure.
Adoption of converged infrastructure has simplified all aspects of the data center