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Experienced IT Services for the Banking Industry

The banking and financial sectors are fast-paced and ever-changing, and for an organization to keep up in this competitive environment, it needs the help of an experienced and versatile IT agency that understands well the challenges that you face. Whether you find your organization struggling to adapt to new regulations, security requirements, or user demands, we can help guide you to the IT solution that provides the functionality that you need.

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Professional IT Services for Capital Markets Businesses

In a hyper-competitive capital markets industry, your business needs to do everything it can to maintain a competitive edge on your rivals. A commonly forgotten, but ever-important aspect of this is your information technology strength. Businesses in the capital markets industry must maintain their competitive edge by constantly maintaining an influx of new users, complying with industry regulations, and warding off any potential security threats.

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Professional IT Services for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is what drives the world of capitalism forward–and our IT firm is what helps to drive manufacturing forward. We provide the solutions and technology insight that your manufacturing company needs to survive and thrive in a competitive manufacturing industry. Regardless of what sector your manufacturing company resides in, we will help to increase efficiency, manage risk, and increase margins through the smart implementation of technology and IT solutions.

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Professional IT Services for Healthcare

In a hypercompetitive and often-changing industry such as healthcare, the need arises for a dependable and forward-thinking IT solution to provide your organization with payments, networking, and other digital solutions that are scalable and functional. The healthcare industry is responsible for the health and wellbeing of millions of people each year, and we provide the IT solutions that power that capacity to serve.

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Professional IT Services for Higher Education

Higher education is a lucrative industry, but one with significant competition. In order to meet the needs of students, faculty, and other staff, higher education institutions must commit to an IT solution that is both robust and forward-thinking, allowing for maximum innovation and comprehensive functionality.

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Your Trusted Data Center
Maintenance Solution Partner

WUC Technologies is a forward thinking IT firm that combines traditional business values with innovative new technologies to deliver comprehensive
management and maintenance solutions to our data center clients.
By collaborating closely with your IT team and in house decision makers, we gain an understanding of your needs and construct the necessary infrastructure to help your business move forward more efficiently.

A More Valuable Data Center
Maintenance Solution

With our team of industry professionals and a robust suite of data center solutions; we are able to provide a higher value solution that can increase operating efficiency for your business.
Not only does WUC Technologies provide high quality solutions, but we also make it easier for you to focus on the parts of your business that are specialized and drive
revenue. We will build the foundation for a more
successful business.

Frequently asked questions

What services are available?

Since we work with every business from the small brick-and-mortar shop to the large regional distribution chain, we provide a wide range of services that includes storage, server and networking services, IT support, equipment maintenance, installations, data migration, and more. Regardless of what kind of help you are looking for in your IT department, we have the tools and resources to make it happen.

What are managed IT services?

If you run a small or medium-sized business, you’ve probably dreamed about what could be achieved with a quality product and the resources of a large company. Managed IT services allow you to outsource your IT needs to give you the resources and the tools of a much larger company. Through an extensive and versatile offering of software and IT solutions, we are able to provide small businesses with a way to get a qualified team of IT professionals at an affordable price.

Can you provide software patches and updates?

Patches and code/software upgrades are exclusively the property of those that created them, and it is illegal to redistribute software patches and upgrades to our clients. However, we work with many of the largest hardware and software companies in the world and have established a direct relationship for acquiring software upgrades and patches through our partners. To enhance your experience using your software, we can administer upgrades and improvements to your existing hardware.

I need help. What should I do first?

We’re happy to take your call and provide you with support for any of our solutions or services! Before you give us a call, be sure to write down any important information, take screenshots of the error messages, and get any other information that you can about the issue that you’re having. That will enable our team to help you more efficiently.

What are the associated costs of managed IT?

When you work with WUC Technologies, you’ll be gaining access to a robust set of solutions at a fixed and affordable monthly rate. You’ll meet with our friendly team to get an idea of what services you’ll need. At that time, we’ll quote you an affordable rate based on what your business needs to succeed.

We already have an IT department. Why do we need your help?

We provide a wide range of scalable solutions that are custom-tailored to fit your needs. Whether you already have an IT department and need supplemental services or you are looking to outsource your entire IT needs, we’ll be there to deliver a customized package of services to make the transition easy. We provide services with one of the most affordable rate structures in the industry.

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