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Convergence of IT equipment, software, hardware, and other assets is the preferred solution for some of the most successful companies in the world

Explaining HyperConverged Infrastructure


infrastructure is the latest trend for businesses that want to get the most out of their IT solutions. With hyperconverged infrastructure, servers, storage and network are united together to form a scalable, more flexible data infrastructure. In a converged solution, network, storage and computing power are combined within a single IT solution to allow businesses to have more flexibility and act with more agility in the best interest of their business.

In a typical business IT environment, server, storage and networking exist separate from one another and create natural inefficiencies. In a

hyperconverged environment

, all of the elements of your business’ IT solutions are combined to create a more efficient system. The incentive of a

hyperconverged network

is a more empowered workforce and increased ability to remain competitive in an ever-evolving economic environment.

Convergence brings the benefits of independent resources together for streamlined integration and management. With

Hyperconverged architecture

the servers, storage and network are converged resulting in a system that can aggregate not only the components, but it can also aggregate performance as well.

Within a


, networking, data storage are managed by advanced software that is hosted on standard servers.

Hyperconverged strategy

allows the sharing of computing power, data storage space, and network resources. Additionally, hyperconverged networks are more secure.



is a new way to deliver converged infrastructure. Networking together multiple servers that consolidate storage results in lower CAPEX as a result of lower upfront prices for infrastructure and lower OPEX through reductions in operational expenses. On the technical side, the simplified configuration requires fewer administrators to support

hyperconverged infrastructure.

Recent industry trends that have changed the enterprise data center.

Emergence of cloud computing
has transformed data center operations.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)
has enabled a true virtual infrastructure.

Adoption of converged infrastructure
has simplified all aspects of the data center

What’s the difference between hyperconvergence and converged infrastructure?

Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between hyperconvergence and converged infrastructure. In IT, hyperconvergence is a deeper level of convergence than what traditional converged infrastructure has to offer.


refers to a network that is converged and includes elements of automation within the network to make business network operations more efficient and seamless.

In addition to providing more automation options and features that give businesses a competitive edge when it comes to networking, a

hyperconverged network

also offers benefits for scaling. If your business is planning on expanding anytime soon, a hyperconverged network will allow an IT department to more easily deploy updates, increase functionality, and adapt the abilities of the network to the needs of the business.

A hyperconverged network is one that is employed by business that truly want to get the most out of their business network. A hyperconverged network takes the benefits of a converged


concept to the next level.

What are the benefits of hyperconverged solutions?

For any business considering hyperconvergence for their network, many benefits are to be expected. A hyperconverged storage and networking solution is more robust and increases efficiency in all areas of the business that utilize it. The foremost benefit of a hyperconverged network is that it makes managing the infrastructure easier than what would otherwise be found in legacy solutions.

With a hyperconverged, each part of the network is brought together to form one, cohesive solution that is more easily managed. When there are updates, repairs, replacements, additions, or subtractions, your IT team will be able to act more hastily and more easily to solve the problem. Instead of having to manage different solutions from different eras as separate entities, each part of the infrastructure will flow seamlessly.

With a network that is easier to manage, your business can act more quickly, keep a leaner IT team, and experience less downtime and other network issues that could cost your business revenue or reputation.

Scalability is one of the most significant benefits of a hyperconverged network. With legacy solutions, the upside of a business can be limited by the capabilities of the infrastructure. With a hyperconveged network, your IT team will be able to easily add to your network and scale it to the abilities of your business as you grow and expand operations. With a hyperconverged network, success won’t be painful anymore.

Finally, any business that utilizes a hyperconverged network will be able to enjoy a lesser need for large amounts of resources to maintain and house their networking solutions. Hyperconverged networks typically consume less energy, space, and other high-cost assets that businesses cannot afford to continue to hemorrhage.

VCE VxRack System 1000 Flex

The latest offering in hyperconverged managed networks is the VCE VxRack Systems, which is designed to combine power, speed, and user-friendliness into one of the most comprehensive IT solutions in existence. These high-quality servers are able to power operations for businesses ranging from sprawling corporations to small brick-and-mortar shops. This system is able to accommodate your business’ needs as you expand and support your digital operations for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of the VCE VxRack HyperConverged Network:

  • Easy to scale and grow with your business
  • Add storage to your system easily
  • Eliminates bottlenecks through proprietary technology
  • Increases performance and efficiency of the hyperconverged network
  • No single point of failure for maximum uptime
  • Automatic recovery features to automate some maintenance processes
  • Easy to use and maintain

VxRack SYSTEM FLEX HyperConverged Network Architecture

In the VxRack infrastructure, applications run in the same place that storage is kept. This allows for a particularly lean and optimized network that not only allows for high-performance applications to run, but also provides you and your team with the storage that you need to operate your business at a high level.

With a unique and innovative architecture, this system allows for you and your team to scale your network easily and either add or remove functionality quickly and easily. Updating, patching, and performing maintenance on your system will become easier and more effective.

VxRack HyperConverged Hardware Use Cases

The VxRack offering is a versatile, powerful tool that can be used in a variety of situations and businesses.

Business Tools

A variety of applications can be run on a hyperconverged network and the VxRack 1000. These applications and their level of function are crucial to your business’ success.


With a uniform and robust system, scaling your business to the appropriate amount of revenue and volume becomes an easy task. Your system will grow or shrink with you effortlessly.


With all of your data storage and network solutions on one architecture, the maintenance of your network will be easier than ever. No more dealing with outdated legacy solutions that cause delay.


Because all of the nodes in your network will be operating on the same protocol, it becomes possible to pool and share network resources while providing higher network performance.

Single Rack Configuration

A minimum configuration consists of a single rack and four enclosures, which can be four 2U 1 Node enclosures, four 2U 4 Node enclosures, or a mixture of 2U 1 Node and 2U 4 Node enclosures. The system must have one Cisco Nexus 3172TQ and one pair of Cisco Nexus 3132Q-X or Cisco Nexus 3164Q for minimum network configuration. There is no minimum for storage as it is based solely on the associated enclosure. For management, two VxRack Controller servers with HA support and virtual storage area network (VSAN) for software scale-out are also included.

  • Management switch – Nexus3172
  • Network – A pair of ‘ToR’ Nexus 3132 or 3164
    – Nexus 31xx provide inter-node connectivity (10GB) and also customer network uplink (10GB or 40GB)
    – Maximum 64/108 nodes with N3132/N3164
  • Compute – VxRack branded server (2U4N or 2U1N)
    – Can be mix of dense compute/storage, storage only
    – Rack count depends on type of enclosures used
  • Management switch – Nexus3172
  • Network – A pair of ‘ToR’ Nexus 3132 or 3164
    – Nexus 31xx provide inter-node connectivity (10GB) and also customer network uplink (10GB or 40GB)
    – Maximum 64/108 nodes with N3132/N3164
  • Compute – VxRack branded server (2U4N or 2U1N)
    – Can be mix of dense compute/storage, storage only
    – Rack count depends on type of enclosures used

Multiple Rack Configuration

For multiple rack systems the Nexus 9332 switches are added as an aggregation layer. This provides inter-rack connectivity at multiple 40GB links via the Nexus9332. The server or node connectivity is still at 10GB via Nexus3132 or Nexus3164 and customer uplink is done via Nexus9332 (10GB or 40GB). The maximum configuration is 216 nodes which impacts the exact physical rack count as these depend on the number and type of enclosures used.

  • For multiple rack systems, Nexus 9332 switches are added as an aggregation layer
  • Inter-rack connectivity at multiple 40GB via Nexus9332

    • Node connectivity still at 10GB via Nexus3132 or Nexus3164
    • Customer uplink via Nexus9332 (10GB or 40GB

  • Maximum of 216 nodes

    • (exact physical rack count depends on type of enclosures used)
    • # of nodes is dependent on network topology

VxRack 1000 Components

The VxRack 1000 is a multifaceted system that provides your business with more functionality than ever. Here are the two main components of this hyperconverged system.


Made from some of the highest-quality network materials on the market, the VxRack outpaces all the competition

  • VCE Brand Servers
  • Cisco Nexus 9 Top of Rack Network Switches
  • Cisco Nexus 3K Access Switches
  • Cisco Nexus 3K Management Network Switches


Made from some of the highest-quality network materials on the market, the VxRack outpaces all the competition

  • Hypervisor
  • Bare Metal OS Builds
  • VxRack Manager
  • VCE Vision Intelligent Operations